GOATZ! ... pronounced like goats are invading your space .. like you're really warning people.  Like when you're yelling there's a stampede ... only we're "old" and a bit cranky, so I'm not so sure we can stampede into your life.  So no fear.  We love good stories and fun songs.  We're "old" - did I mention that?  And, we play music that feels like well worn jeans, sneakers and soft, oft washed and faded t-shirts.  It feels like country under the wheels - away from the zoom zoom of city streets and traffic lights; under a sunny Bronco's-blue Colorado sky.

UPDATE August 30, 2019

The summer is pretty much over now.  There's changes coming for the band this winter.  Our last show of the year will be late October at the Magic Rat in Fort Collins.  Before then, we're debuting at the new Broadway Roxy (Denver) and Nissi's (Lafayette).

GOATZ! ballcaps are in!  $30 including shipping. 

"Sweet Inspiration" is available for streaming and/or download - you name the price.  The CD is available for $12 (inc. shipping) on store page.  T-shirts are available for $20 (inc. shipping)


BOOKING:  Chris K / Rocky Mountain Music Network LLC (970) 217-6753 or chriskmusic@gmail.com

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